Monday, March 11, 2013

A Touch of Love

It is always extremely exciting to see what the new year has in store. It brings a lot of excitement and energy.We are excited to start new ventures, to do better than we did last year. We set new goals, new ideas, new visions for the future.

We do pretty good out the gate but by the end of January we lose our excitement, we lose our motivation, our energy is gone. We go right back into the normal routine of life and we actually end up giving up and achieving nothing.

For example, health Clubs and fitness clubs memberships almost double during the new year, but after a few months, memberships decline to worst than when they started. Physical fitness has some value but how much more important is our spiritual fitness? We must stay motivated!

I believe the Christian Churches purpose, vision, and mission for 2013 must be focusing on developing spiritually fit disciples of Jesus Christ. I pray that you are excited and motivated to be apart of fulfilling Jesus vision and mission.

Yet, I am afraid. That after a month or two past our excitement will pass, our motivation fades, our energy lapses. Everything will just go back to normal. Our vision becomes a dream that will never be achieved. Someone else will do it, the pastor will do it! That may be true, but if someone else does it means you will lose your reward.

I want the church to have more rewards awaiting us in heaven when we get there. But everyone of us (everyone who is a part of the body of Christ has to play their part) to help complete the mission of Jesus. We cant lose our excitement; we cant lose our motivation; we cant lose our energy; we must not lose heart; we must keep fighting the good fight until the vision that God has for Church is achieved in 2013. Period! I am willing to give my all to see Jesus vision for His church achieved. I hope you will follow in 2013. Christ believed so much in the vision He had for the church that He gave His life for that vision.

Are you willing to commit to Jesus Church. When you commit your life to something that is worth dying for you find true meaning, true purpose in this life, everything changes. Lets change the world for Jesus in 2013.

So how do I keep us excited and motivated toward the vision and purpose Jesus has for us in2013? I realize all I have to do is point you to the cross, it is there you will experience the touch of Jesus and experience Gods love fully! When the love of God touches you,it changes you from the inside out. When you experience the love of the Father in sending His one and only Son; to live for you; to die for you; to rise again on the third day; you receive all the motivation you will ever need and it will last.

But, and this is a big but! Have you truly been touched by the love of God? It is this touch that changes you from the inside out. It is His touch that compels you to touch others with the love you have experienced in Christ. Are you being a touch of love to your family; to your neighbors; to your co-workers; to the worker at Starbucks; to the clerk at the grocery store; to the worker at Costco; to the world.

When the hand of Jesus touches you it changes you. Before we can be a touch of love we must be sure that we have truly been touched by His love.

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