Wednesday, December 23, 2015


In my prayer walk today God really spoke to me. Often we look at other people around us and judge them and form different kinds of prejudices. We look to the outside of what we see and begin to form different kinds of opinions to what lies on the outside. What if we could see them the way God seems them? Not in who they are but in who they can become in Christ. God is holy and must separate Himself from sin. It is because of what Christ has done for us that God even looks our way. It is because God sees Jesus life in us when He looks upon us. We were in Christ when Christ walked the earth and lived a perfect life. God seen us in Christ and now credits us with the works of Christ. But now the Father sees what Christ can do in us, Christ in us. What an amazing thought. Before we were even a thought we were in Christ before the foundations of the world. So when Christ was on the earth we were in Him. Now He sits at the right hand of God and is still at work on the earth while He is in us. We were in Christ and now Christ is in us. What an amazing God. The Father saw us in Christ and now sees Christ in us. I often get frustrated and upset with people and I lose love and compassion for them. It is because I am looking to what I see and not what God sees. I see the sin and shortcomings. God sees what they are in Christ and sees what Christ can become in them. If God was gracious enough to see me that way before I came to Christ and sees what I am becoming now that Christ is in me, shouldn't I be gracious enough to see with His eyes.  Oh Father let us have eyes to see the way you see.