Saturday, January 2, 2016


It is amazing how selfish we can be? If we begin to really evaluate our hearts it becomes clear that we are about serving ourselves. Think about this for a moment; why do you get frustrated, angry, disappointed, and bitter? It is because someone didn't serve you the way that you expected them to. I love my wife more than anyone, but oh how she can push my buttons. How many times have we heard people say that? As I thought about that statement I realized it was a statement about serving myself. She pushes my buttons because she is not serving me the way I desire. She is not doing what I want and what I desire. This angers me, frustrates me. If we began to walk like the servants that Jesus Christ called us to be these emotions would cease. Jesus tells us that whoever wants to be the greatest among you, must become the servant of all. I have a serious problem! If I cant serve the one I love more than anything (my wife) how can I serve anyone else? What a Selfish Servant I am. The reality of my heart evaluation reveals that I am a Selfish Servant. I am more concerned with others serving my needs than I am serving their needs. What a hypocrite I am. What if we actually obeyed Jesus words by serving the needs of others instead of our own selfish needs. This would be revolutionary to our relationships. If we are more concerned with serving the needs of others, the hurts and frustrations of others not serving our needs cease. Let me say that again, if we would be the selfless servants that Christ created us to be our fears, frustrations, anger, and bitterness would cease in our relationships. Humility and servant-hood is the path that Christ has called us to to be able to share the Good News without hindrance. Wow! What a new idea that Jesus has preached for years. Lets be servants of all.


Father God I acknowledge that I am such a hypocrite. I read your word and your truth all the time but sometimes miss the simplest of truths. Servants of all. My prayer is first and foremost, that you would allow me humility and strength to serve my wife (Melina) with all my heart. And then God, as you teach me servant-hood in the most blessed relationship, that I would take those lessons and use them in all my relationships. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Sometimes I don't understand why you are so patient with a sinner like me. I praise you and thank you for Jesus life, death, and resurrection. I thank you that I am in Christ because when you see me you don't see what I do, you see what Christ has done for me. Thank you for the gift of righteousness that I found in Christ alone. Not by my efforts, actions, or works, but based on the perfect life of Jesus Christ that has been credited to my account. Father make me the man or women of God that you created me to be through and in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. 

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